Narendra Modi’s announcement on 73rd Independence Day of India

Kathmandu, Aug 15 .  On the 73rd Independence Day of India, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the concept of “one country, one election” will now be implemented in India. Addressing from Lal Killa in New Delhi’s, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need for effective discussion on the reform of the elections on this day.

Prime Minister Modi says that the GST has fulfilled the dream of one country, one tax system. Similarly, one country, one grid system has already been implemented in the energy sectors. Now, one country, one mobility card will be implemented, almost immediately.  Additionally, soon we will have no choice except to go to one country, one election system.

Prime Minister Modi’s decision on Kashmir was also a part of fulfilling the dream of making prosperous India. He says that the desire of Sardar Patel and other prominent Indian leaders have been fulfilled. These leaders removed Jammu and Kashmir from the article 370 of the constitution. Moreover, he further says- India is proud of achieving “One country, one constitution”.

He states that the welfare of the country is in first priority. Prime minister Modi says, ‘We can think differently but India should be the main concern for us. For me, the future of India is the main thing and I do not care about my political future. Politics is uncertain, but the steps taken to keep the country’s interests at the center are paramount importance’.

PM Modi says – One country, one election means the same kind of electoral system in the Indian Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. According to AFP, they were not in favor of prolonging or extending the problem, besides they had no faith in it as well. It has been only 70 days of the formation of the new government. Within these days, Article 370 has become a history. Also, the two-thirds majority of the parliament has also been passed.

The program was addressed by Prime Minister Modi for about 90 minutes. He claims that the old system in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh has only increased corruption, nepotism and injustice. In addition, he claims that these old systems have deducted the rights of women, children and indigenous community as well.

In this program, school’s children from different provinces, presented various cultural programs.



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