Beauty and Acceptance     

Prativa Poudel

Prativa Poudel

  If you are beautiful and attractive, you are accepted everywhere and anywhere. This is a bitter truth whether you accept this or not. Wherever you are, in a classroom, market, on the road, for a job, in a restaurant or anywhere, priority is always for a beautiful lady or an attractive girl or for a good looking woman. I think these words sound awkward, in fact. Moreover, the phrase like “beauty lies in the eyes of beholders” sounds lovely and true only in this very sentence rather than in practical life.

As far as I know Beautiful, people are always benefited. And one thing you know, when I am with a beautiful female friend in a restaurant, I get the ordered meal soon with broad smile of the very waiter. Sometimes meals in the restaurant are served free of cost and in many cases foods are served with a heavy discount. If I am with a male friend and my appearance is just normal and in this situation, what will happen you know? I know you have the answer. Look beauty matters.

Now I want to share latest story I heard and have experienced such situation many times by me, about beauty and acceptance. I have a friend named Roshna .She is really beautiful and lovely. She has fair tender and clear skin. She looks attractive because of her beautiful body and flaw less skin. She and I are best friend. We both worked in a same institution before. One of the experiences she shared was she and her college friend applied for a job as a computer operator two years ago. Number of vacancy was two.

They went there together. She said her friend was not so attractive in her looks. She used to look simple and normal. Because of her pimples on her dark face, she was rather not beautiful. However, she was very talent and a college topper. Her qualifications and working experience was very good. Both of theirs’ interview was taken at the same time and by the same person. Roshna said she could not answer most of the questions but her friend interviewed so well. Her confidence, her way of responding and her error less answers made Roshna surprised. They finished the interview and both of them were sure that her friend would be selected. But Roshna was selected and her friend was rejected. Roshna herself said these things to me. She adds that she had heard other male staff telling – Roshna had an ugly friend who was rejected because of her ugly face despite of her great knowledge and experience in computer operating System.

I want to Share one of my most memorable child hood experiences during my school days. I studied in fourth grade. Our school used to hold different competition programs each Friday. It was English handwriting competition. I as well as other friends who were interested participated in this competition. The time started, bell rang, we all of the students were seated to finish it on the given time limit. We were provided only 25 minutes. All of us tried our best to make our writing as beautiful as we can. Even the students, whose handwriting were very poor, wrote beautifully on that paper. The teachers were surprised to see such good writings on the papers.

Some teachers compared notebook handwriting with the handwriting on the papers. They were surprised to see such beautiful handwriting of the students. The bell rang. The invigilator asked us to stop writing and we all followed the instructions. Otherwise, it would be invalid for the competition. Some five teachers approached in the class and went round the class to collect the paper quickly from us. One of the five teachers was my uncle. He was very happy to see my handwriting. Others teachers also signaled me with their thumbs up. And I was sure that my handwriting really looked beautiful. After two days, Co-in charge of the school congratulated me for being selected among five students out of 92. I was more than happy that day.

I was damn sure that I would stand first position in that competition. It was my carefully written cursive handwriting with accurate shape of letter and without any errors since I had checked it twice that day. I eagerly waited for the coming Friday to hear my name announced in the assembly for the award. Unfortunately, my name was heard neither in first nor in the second position. Two of the other girls’ names were announced. And these two girls, who were never recognized as students with good writing, were really beautiful, lovely and attractive. My uncle was speech less and the teacher (friend of my uncle) who congratulated was very sorry for me.

My tears ran down through my cheek, could not stop crying; however, I managed in such a way that, so that other students and teachers would not see me crying. I immediately wiped up my tears and I behaved as if I was not expecting the award. These two new girls were new students in the class; it had not been more than a couple of months that they were admitted in the class. They were just like celebrity for the school so charming and so beautiful. Everybody used to watch and liked them because of their attractive looks. They had long hair, beautiful eyes and fair skin. I had never seen such beautiful people until then. I later on discovered that they were twins studying in same grade. I was rather, like a tomboy type of girl. Moreover, my activities used to look like boys’ type.

Even now, I have realized that wherever you are, your outer appearance, your looks matters a lot. Literally, you cannot ignore this fact.  Being pretty makes people like you more. I am not a pretty lady. However, after doing my hair and makeup I guess I be appropriate for anything in anywhere. I am afraid of being ignored and reviled. Therefore, to be respected and accepted more by people, I put more effort to make best appearance as best as I can. I try to look younger than my age actually shows. It allows me to build confidence, have high self-esteem and get my way. I have my strong self-belief that I will convince people for any thing I want. I will cover my ugly face until I can. I am very much clear that, what is making me pretty is not my real and natural looks. I get compliment quite often not for my natural look but for my covered face, i.e. made-up face. It is funny and cannot stop smiling whenever I think about this reality of my life.

It is not the case always for male as far as I know. In many contexts female should be beautiful and attractive rather than male. In other words, men/male is not judged by their attractive looks but by their Physical power, Height, Money, and so on. However, now a day due to the development of communication and technology like television, magazines, and so on attractive men are selected in some cases .Anyway, beauty is mostly  connected with female in reality.

Prativa Poudel


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