Nepali media delegation pays to Sichuan Radio TV

Chengdu,(China) 10 July : Media delegation from Nepal who came here to attend media workshop organized by Southwest University of Finance and Economy, Institution, Chengdu, China paid visit to Sichuan Radio and Television station today in Chengdu.

Mr. Liu Yaohui, Party Committee Members and Chief Engineer of Sichuan Radio Television welcomed the delegation saying that Sichuan Television was the first television from China to reach Nepal along with medical team for emergency reporting of the Earthquake of 2015.

He also assured the delegation for further cooperation with Nepali media on emergency reporting and other activities.

During the interaction, Mr. CHEN Liang, Director of News Channel explained about the rapid emergency reporting on natural disaster taking place in Sichuan including flood and earthquake in Sichuan.

In response of issues raised by Nepali media delegation regarding mutual cooperation between Sichuan TV and Nepali media, Schiuan TV officials expressed their willingness to extend support to Nepali media through their media outlets.

They also briefed media team about Kangba TV, a part of Sichuan TV which has been operation for last few years targeting Tibet and Nepal.

The delegation also observed convergance of traditional and new media in a single platform. Rajan Paudel-

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