State-2 to provide employment to foreign-returnees losing jobs to COVID-19

Kathmandu June 3

The State-2 government is preparing to provide appropriate opportunity to people from the state who are bereft of employment in foreign countries due to the COVID-19. State-2 government chief minister Lalbabu Raut shared about this in a virtual discussion organised by the Labour and Employment Journalists’ Group on Tuesday.

He said the state government was preparing to keep the foreign-returnee Nepalis in their village with respect and provide them appropriate skills, adding there is also plan to provide employment to those who already have the necessary skills. Chief Minister Raut said around one million Nepalis are expected to return hoe from abroad in State-2 alone.

“Programme would be brought to attract those foreign-returnees towards agriculture and other sectors. The state government would also link these people in productive employment,” he said. According to him, around 500 thousand youths from State-2 are in India and 800 thousand in other third countries including in the Gulf countries and Malaysia.

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