Popular singer,Annie Choeying Dolma possesses fake Citizenship and illegal property (with Video)

Ani has made a fake citizenship by indicating Kanchha Bahadur Lama as her father, on Jestha 19, 2046.


Kathmandu, February 14. We find very hard to believe that popular singer, Annie Choing Dolma possesses fake citizenship and  has earned money through illegal tricks .She has done Social service and business by earning black money in Nepal. The popular singer Annie Chouing Dolma has been exposed, not only for illegal property and black money but also possessing  fake citizenship. Investigation is going on for her illegal activities.

It is found that she has made a fake citizenship. Ani Choing , a Nepalese  Buddhist nun, has reached to a prominent  height ,by singing the famous song “Full ko Aankha ma Phulai Sansara” by the renowned poet Durga Lal Shrestha  .  Annie is known in Nepal and throughout the world for bringing many Tibetan Buddhist  chants and singing popular songs to mainstream audiences. She has been recently appointed as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to Nepal. Annie Choing Dolma is proved to have illegal citizenship. Moreover, she has money that is acquired illegally in bank and has the promoted Dalai Lama as the follower of Buddha. And now she has been living in United States of America. The government has begun investigating the illicit money and illegitimate citizenship of Aani Dolma.

Investigation is in process not only for Annie’s fake citizenship, her parents and her family  but also in Arya Tara’s school’s income. This school has been opened to educate Buddhist Annies .Annie has stated that Tibetan refugees, who came to Nepal, were her family , in her  autobiography and various other interviews. Her Citizenship was thought to be based on ancestry and name of her father is also found to be fake.

Annie has made a fake citizenship by indicating Kanchha Bahadur Lama as her father, on Jestha 19, 2046. He has been dwelling in Chapali Bhadra kali, ward no. 3 of Kathmandu. She has been travelling around the world taking the same fake citizenship. The only child of Kancha Bahadur Lama, Praman Singh Lama (Mangai), has filed an application for action in the district administration and district police office, saying that his family’s reputation and dignity have been defamed.

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