Chinese Envoy Hou Yanqi replies through twitter to the Energy Minister Pun

Kathmandu, 26 June  : Chinese ambassador Hou Yanqi has replied through twitter soon after the Energy Minister Barshaman Pun has expressed his concern over the work of the Chinese company in Nepal .The Ambassador showed her dissatisfaction towards the Minister’s expression on their delayed work.
Ambassador Hou tweeted,’ Among the Hydro Electricity Power project being constructed in Nepal, the biggest hydro power projects is built by Chinese hydro power organization.’

The biggest project is being built by the Chinese Hydropower Project, among the Project being constructed in Nepal. Ambassador Yanqi has forwarded the photos of Tama Koshi’s dame site and of tunnel as well. She further opines that the workers are doing their work continuously and according to their own way. Also, Sino Hydro Corporation of China’s is working in Tama Koshi Hydro Power Project.

Chinese related source claims that the Chinese Ambassador is totally amazed to hear the idea of Mr. Pun, that Chinese Companies who do good work in other countries are less interested for the completion of the work in Nepal.
According to the Chinese sources, they have a serious doubt that the minister ‘s words are his own or not. ‘ Chinese companies are doing well in other countries and why are they not being able to do it here? What are the problems for the delayed ?’ These words were quoted in the statement issued by the Secretariat of Mr Pun. It is a kind of agility to extract such statements after the ambassador level meeting by the Minister .

Ambassador Yanqi has given information to the Minister that, she has been studying the problems related to the work of Chinese company’s of Nepal, and also the company has regularly informed about their problems to the related stake holders . According to the Ambassador , due to the problems like Chinese company’s visa, natural disaster and land acquisition they have not been able to do the progress in the work as expected. The Minister said that the government of Nepal was not satisfied with the delayed work of ‘ Trishuli Three A Hydro project.

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